Dorothy Easton

I had my second baby recently and found this wonderful Serenily Bidet during my pregnancy. I couldn't wait to try it out! The little peri bottles from the hospital are nothing compared to this. First of all it holds more water, I used to fill my hospital bottle up twice just to feel like I was clean enough each time, which was a pain. Second, it has the little air vent at the bottom of the bottle which makes it quicker and quieter. Third, the curved spout is heavenly when you have stitches and can't quite reach them when you feel so sore down there! And last of all, the carrying bag is an awesome addition because then no one can see what you are taking to the bathroom in public, plus it keeps it clean and away from germs. Fits great in my diaper bag! I will keep it even after I am all healed for anytime I need to freshen up or for when I'm on my period! Thank you Serenily for such a clever product!